Master Wong’s Flying Star Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Analysis for 2003

Read Master Wong's predictions from 2002 here

Accidents, War and Terrorism, Economy, Politics, Weather

In 2003 the number 6 star is in the centre. The number 6 star is a money star but is not active. At this time it is good for travelling, moving and emigration, and bringing in occasional money. more

Analysis for the next 25 years

Times will become harder as we move toward the end of the Lower Round in 40 years time. Conflicts and wars will only increase. more

Feng Shui for your home in 2003

How the flying stars affect the different directions this year. more

Chinese Horoscopes for 2003
Find out what's in store for your Chinese animal sign. more
Read about the Character of the 12 Animals and find your sign more

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