An Introduction to Chinese Astrology

According to Chinese Astrology, the moment you are born, the astrological alignment of the planets radiates a specific energy pattern which you absorb. Due to the movement of the planets, if you were born a moment later the energy pattern will have changed. From that moment on you will be influenced by this astrological energy.

When the planets are positioned to radiate that energy, then it will be beneficial to you and you will have good luck. However, when the alignment of the planets is bad this will have an adverse affect on you causing you bad luck

Chinese Astrology is also based on the I Ching (Book of Changes) and the 5 elements.


The Chinese believe the Universe was created by the 5 elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Emptiness) but is controlled by the five different Energies (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire & Earth) and everything that happens in the universe is due to the interaction of these 5 Energies.

(Normally Westerners translate 5 Energies as "5 Elements," but this is not a particularly accurate interpretation. Now Master Wong has defined Metal, Wood, Water, Fire & Earth as the five energies as this is more easily understood.)

As the Universe (the Macrocosm) was created by the Five Elements, it also created your body (the Microcosm) which is a reflection of the Universe in minature. Your bones, flesh and sinews are the Earth Element (Solid); your blood & fluids are the Water Element (Liquid); the Fire Element (Plasma) is represented by your body heat; the Air Element(Gas) by your breath and Emptiness (Void) is your spirit.


The Five Energies, or Universal processes, control these elements through interaction with each other. Metal represents solidifying energy; Wood represents growing energy; Water represents flowing energy; Fire represents active energy and Earth represents spreading energy. These Energies interact to both create and destroy each other. These processes can have either a beneficial or adverse affect on you.

The energy you absorb at birth will be one of these five primary energies. If the alignment of the planets produces an Energy that can destroy your own energy then according to Chinese Astrology, you will suffer a lot of bad luck. However if they produce an energy that creates and enhances your energy, then your Chinese Astrology chart will forecast a lot of good luck.


The I Ching is an explanation of how the universe works due to the influence of these Universal Energies.

From the time, day, month and year of your birth, the Chinese Astrologers are able to find out about the influences which will affect your whole life such as money, success, power, love, health etc. Armed with this knowledge, you will be in a far greater position to change your bad luck into good luck, enabling you to live a happier and more successful life.

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