Palm and Face Reading, Chinese Astrology

Palm and Face Reading

The study of the hand and face was practiced by the Chinese as early as 3200 B.C. It is used to analyse the personal characteristics or major events during one's life span.

The shape and physical characteristics of the hand and face will build a comprehensive analysis of the lives of every human being.

However, your fate is not fixed. The palm and face can change if a person's heart changes. Therefore, by finding out your destiny through a spiritual consultation, you are in a position to change your character to avoid any misfortune. Remember; forewarned is forearmed.

Chinese Astrology

According to Chinese Astrology, the moment you are born, the astrological alignment of the planets radiates a specific energy pattern which you absorb.

Due to the movement of the planets, if you were born a moment later the energy pattern will have changed. From that moment on you will be influenced by this astrological energy. Through accurately reading and interpreting this information, Master Wong is able to give an analysis of when one may expect good and bad fortune.

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Master Simon Wong

Our organisation was founded by Master Simon Wong, acknowledged as the top Chinese Astrology master in Europe and renowned for his skills as a face and palm reader. Master Wong is frequently asked to provide palm reading services at corporate functions and product launches. He is recognised by the UK media as the country's leading authority in the field, and has appeared on BBC1, Channel 4, Channel 5, Radio 2, and in many national newspapers.

Internet Consultations

If any of the above services are of interest to you but you live too far away for a personal consultation, please email us with your requirements, and Master Wong can conduct consultations and readings for you.

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